I visited a beach last month.

I brought 2 stones with me,
But I had no plans on keeping them for this visit.

I loved one of these stones, 
but it did not please me as the other.

So out of the entire month I spent at the beach,
The stone I loved was lost after 2 days.

I searched and searched for hours, 
then I found it.
Soon I threw it away willingly,
Because it did not please me as the second stone.

Love was an overstatement.

My second stone stayed with me.
I did not love it,
But it pleased my eyes.
It had sharp sides that could cut my flesh,
But I looked past that 
and I focused on its beauty.

I kept this stone for 2 weeks,
Until I gave it up.
It fell out of safety one day
And sliced my foot.

I cried and I said
"oh stone,
I kept you for your beauty,
Yet you hurt me
You hurt me deep 
and you’ve left me open for scars."
I should've never brought this stone with me.

I should've left it where I found it.
Now I limp around with a bandage on my foot,
Waiting for it to scar
So that I no longer have this pain,
But a scar
To tell this story of its beauty 
and all the times it sliced me on my sides,
But I never felt too much pain from it.

So now I walk around with no stones for me
as I live for the next 2 weeks on this beach.
Stoneless. I don't need any stones.

As  wandered,
I found my 1st stone,
But I did not want to keep it.

The guilt from putting it away haunted me.
How could I have been so selfish?

2 days before my last week,
I was away from the beach, 
exploring when I found a stone.

I saw that it was beautiful, 
But I did not let it sway me.
I would watch it occasionally
Just to admire its beauty,
But I never touched it.

I came near it once.
Then all of a sudden,
It began to roll
Roll down a hill.
I was hurt
Because I wanted to pick it up.

It had gone too far.

I quickly moved on
And went back to the beach.

As I walked across the shores,
on my last week,
I saw other stones,
but I did not go near them.

I kept walking.

It suddenly became very cold,
But I did not want to leave the beach.
So I stayed and found another beautiful stone.

This stone was by far the most beautiful stone 
I've ever seen on this beach.

I found it 3 days before I was to leave.
I admired this stone and found that it had some few flaws,
But I said "That's what makes it beautiful"

As I reached out to grab this stone,
I felt a sharp pain in my back
And I wondered if this was a sign.
I ignored it and continued towards this stone.
As I touched it,
I realized it was slippery.

I grabbed for it,
But it slipped out of my hands every time.

So I decide to sit next to it and admire it.

I admit, it was a lot of pain
Resolving to just admiring it 
rather than keeping it for myself.

Or maybe I didn't want to pick it up 
because I had learnt from the other stones.

So I watched it for 2 months,
Before I began to notice a sharp edge on its side.

I didn't see that before. 
All I saw were its beauty and flaws,
But not the sharp edge.
It was incomparable to the beautiful stone 
that left a scar on my foot.

So I left it, 
but only because it was too slippery.

Soon my time at the beach was over.
And as I was on my way out,
I saw that stone that rolled down the hill.
Has it been waiting there for me?

I picked it up,
And began my journey home.

Soon I realized that it was beautiful,
But it did not sway me like the slippery stone.
I left that slippery stone,
Or maybe the slippery stone left me.

I chose to be content with this rolling stone
I picked and kept.


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