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I visited a beach last month.
I brought 2 stones with me, But I had no plans on keeping them for this visit.
I loved one of these stones,  but it did not please me as the other.
So out of the entire month I spent at the beach, The stone I loved was lost after 2 days.
I searched and searched for hours,  then I found it. Soon I threw it away willingly, Because it did not please me as the second stone.
Love was an overstatement.
My second stone stayed with me. I did not love it, But it pleased my eyes. It had sharp sides that could cut my flesh, But I looked past that  and I focused on its beauty.
I kept this stone for 2 weeks, Until I gave it up. It fell out of safety one day And sliced my foot.
I cried and I said "oh stone, I kept you for your beauty, Yet you hurt me You hurt me deep  and you’ve left me open for scars." I should've never brought this stone with me.
I should've left it where I found it. Now I limp around with a bandage on my foot, Waiting for it to sc…