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It has been a really long time. Hasn't it, dear Oluwanitori reader? I've missed you as much as you have missed me. It's been a tough and trying semester for me, mentally, spiritually and academically. This day, I'd love to share with you some updates on little aspects/changes in my life that may be of interest to you!

I completely cut my hair off in April 2016. (Transitioned for a couple of months) *see this post*
Cutting my hair was the most controversial thing I've done this 2016 LOL(but then again). I just woke up one day and decided to stop postponing rash decisions like this and just do it and my sister was totally up for it!

I spent time constantly reminding male friends and counterparts that my mere existence and purpose in life is not for their pleasure and/or survival.
No, I will not cook jollof rice for you and no, I didn't dress up today because I wanted to look good for you and/or your homeboy.

I stopped obsessing about my weight and size.
I think I…