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Guess Who Just Became a Tapered Babe!

I cut my hair!

I had been speculating for years now. So I finally did it!

So why did I cut it??

To be honest, I just woke up one day and decide against relaxing my new growth. I haven't relaxed my hair in 5 months and the hair really grew!!
What really made me choose to cut it was just the thought of having short hair and being able to enjoy it.

Past experiences with short natural hair:

When I was a child in Nigeria, I'm sure my hair was cut short, and it was probably because my mom was over it, but I SURE didn't mind. I remember the teeny tiny puff which grew into 2 giant puff balls. I remember the rubber thread used to make my hair, separated in sections. They hurt so much and I really hated them. Actually, anything involving an African woman touching my head brings headache and face-lift memories. I happen to have a very sensitive scalp and I have learned that beauty hurts. (But not all the time)
High School
I cut my hair twice. And when I say cut, I mean a REALLY low cut. One lower than the ones in the pictures below. I cut it once in my freshman year and the other in my junior year. Back then, it wasn't okay to be natural and proud. I loved my curls and I made sure it was always soft, shiny and curly. Others didn't like it and I got bullied a lot for it. People would take pictures or try to touch my hair.
As my hair grew longer I decided to relax it due to the horrible treatment faced in high school and because being natural was not yet accepted as a norm, even in the black community. I'd wonder why it was okay for me to wear someone else's hair instead of my own or why it just had to be straight. When I relaxed my hair, it was like the pressure came off. People were actually surprised that my hair was as long as it was. I remember a classmate walking up to me and shoving his hand into my hair feeling for my scalp to see whether or not my hair was real or an attached weave. Guess they've never heard of shrinkage.
My edges were natural... While the rest of my hair was relaxed. Until now.

This is a horrible picture of my previous hair length and it's from last year (Which is way shorter than the hair cut from just a few days ago), but this was probably the last time my hair was straightened before I began crocheting for the winter!

How did the cut go??

My mom and sister referred me to their hairstylist and to be honest, I haven't been to a hair stylist since my last trip to Nigeria in 2014. The reason is because I had the opportunity to be slain by a VERY talented woman who did my hair for more than N 1000 which was equivalent to $7 when I Googled the exchange rate to dollars. When she told me the price I'd pay, I was overwhelmed with guilt because I know how much we pay in America. I gave her more than she asked for and she was grateful, but I was still shocked.

Back to the cut

I showed my hair stylist, Je’nel Scott, the style I wanted and she showed enthusiasm which made me feel extremely comfortable with her cutting the hair.
First snip.
I gasped. My mouth was wide open. Tears welled up, but did not fall. My head felt like it was being released from some weight.
Second snip.
My mouth was still open. No more tears. “Woman up Victoria.” I was amazed by how lighter I felt.
By the time she was done, I felt BALD. But I wasn't. I had a decent amount of hair on my head.
Yes, I asked for a tapered cut, which involves chopping off all the relaxed hair behind and leaving just a bit at the top of my head to achieve the look.
I truly hate dryers

By the end of the entire cutting and curling experience, I was aching and itching to see the new me. When I saw myself, I said “yuss boo”. Miss Je’nel did EXACTLY what I asked for. It is always great to have a hair stylist who listens and checks frequently for your comfort. SHE'S A KEEPER!!

Left Side

So yes, I am now “team natural”. And I just realized that this was a big chop. I guess you could describe my laziness and refusal to relax my new growth as “transitioning”.
Right Side

My thoughts on the whole Process:
I've got to say. It's great to be natural, even though it's a bit odd that I had to wait until being dark skinned with nappy hair became a trend to do this. But let me be truthful here. I did not cut my hair to be a part of a trend. It came with age. I may even relax this thing next week. I don't care about shrinkage, heat or Cantu products. It's natural hair and I am not expecting anything outrageous from it. It is already showing me its curl pattern (which is whatever I wake up to). So no, I'm not going to stick my head in a bowl of hair custard or pudding to force it to do what it clearly does not want to do. I'm not pulling, tugging or stretching it. Instead, I am going to enjoy the journey because it is always more enjoyable than being discontented and only focusing on a future that might never even come. What am I even talking about?

Having long hair got boring for me. I didn't cut it to regrow it into a huge natural Afro (...because that would be pointless lol). I plan to keep it short. When it's short, my head feels lighter, which I happen to enjoy a lot lol. I have a lot of experience with my natural hair so I already know how to care for it. I'm excited for this new change and I'm glad my sister was there to cheer me on.
Officially Tapered!!

I am going to miss the crochet hairstyles. If you want free scrunchies, by all means, please come and get them because I tear up when I see them.. Unless you are interested in seeing me with a man-bun. Yes... I can work it lol.

I'll be sharing updates about how it's going.
Check back for more and thank you for receiving my story!

Please, do comment what you think and I'll be sure to get back to you!!

Information on my NEW hairstylist! (She's a KEEPER):

Revamp BEAUTY SUITE (Inside Charm City Clipper Co.)
By Je’nel Scott
8511 Liberty Road
Randallstown MD
Facebook Instagram Twitter
Top - Feeling myself


PS!! I forgot to ask the hairstylist about my hair type!! But wait.. I don't care!! Just kidding.. It might be a good 4Z tops..


  1. Prise God! Read it..I still feel it's gonna be harder to maintain with two curl patterns as it grows. But I am happy to know it was just old relaxer that was in your hair when you cut it. Our hair is healthier naturally only if we take care of it..with anything what you don't water and nurture doesn't grow. I pray a beautiful experience for you and encourage you to pray for God wisdom is how to nurture you hair cause He knows best amen.

  2. Good for you knowing what you want and going for it. Be proud and happy for yourself and never mind any nay-sayers. YOu do what you do for you, not for them.

  3. Your hair looks lovely! I can only imagine the pain you had to go through. *Pats*

    1. Hahahahaha thank you for the pat!! Its been well so far now!!

  4. I think your short hair looks great, but I 'm sure the long hair did too it's just that the pic is not too clear. Would love if you can link up to


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