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This is a really delicate topic, so I’ll throw in a couple of “lols” just to loosen up the pathway for the heart trying to rise through the esophagus.

So, how did I overcome depression?

Actually the question is how am I overcoming depression?
This is probably the hardest post I’ll ever write, but I promised to share my story. So here goes...

Depression began in my mid-high school years. The works: stay in my room all day, refuse to socialize with family, church family, school friends, (except for my high school best friend. Love her loads), refuse to eat in public (or with family), if I did, it would mean I'd have to socialize with people, which I did not want. I slept a lot and the sleep came easily. When it didn’t, I’d lay patiently until it came. There were days when I would feel so down and I wouldn’t know why.

I was ready to push anyone and everyone I did not trust away. I was, of course, suicidal. There were always those thoughts that asked “Why am I even alive?”, “What good am I…

Why I Check Other on

Yes!! My title is correct!

My poem got published on one of my favorite literary websites called Brittle Paper!!

I'm very passionate on the topic of my childhood and how I adjusted to the western culture.

I'm just soooo happy!! We "poets" or "writers" pray for the day someone would think our work was good enough!

Thank you soo much Ainehi Edoro!!

Check out the poem at Why I Check Other | Victoria Songonuga | African Poetry

Odabọ (bye for now),

Follow Me by Glory Glory

Today, I’d like to introduce to you a very talented artist I have had the pleasure of knowing and being blessed by way back when I was a youth. Her name is Glory Attaochu and I may not know her personally, but I have had the opportunity to be blessed by her music especially during worship at church events.
Glory plays the guitar, piano, AND the violin and so I’m sure you can imagine how beautiful her music must be. From what I’m hearing in her music, she’s definitely adding her African heritage to the mix and I absolutely LOVE it!! I really do! She also reminds me a lot of Asa whom she has said to be one of her greatest inspirations and anyone who reminds me of Asa is awesome in my book!
Glory’s voice really is just beautiful compared to some other artists we know and love. If you know me personally, you know that it is virtually impossible for me to enjoy music that has no meaning and value. You know what that means (in my my singy song voice). Glory’s latest music video is called Foll…

In 2015

God closed a lot of doors in my life in 2015,
but I did not see death.
I was close to death at times,
but I took those miraculous footsteps back and cheated.
or is it cheating if they were miracles?

He ended toxic relationships
and gave me new relationships
so that I may begin to last more than 1 week living for him.

He took away the stumbling block that separated me from him
and though he did not give me the pinch of amnesia I cried for,
He helped me to understand these memories 
and to use them to touch the lives of others.

In 2015,
I finally understood the meaning of grace.
I found out that I did not need to clean up myself
to be good enough for God
because that would be like showing up for surgery 
after messily cleaning 
and stitching up your ripped apart heart.

I found out that he just wanted me to
shut up and stop complaining 
and open my mouth and start praising him.
He taught me the art of worship.
He helped me understand the proof of his love.
Though I may never feel like I'm good enough, 
his g…